Finally...Discover the Most Effective Way to Develop Unstoppable Confidence, Elevate Your Life and Business, and Make a Bigger Impact! 

All while creating a captivating confident image so that you can attract your ideal clients without spinning your wheels, wringing your hands, sacrificing all your valuable time, having to get a PhD (or another certificate), or spending all your hard earned cash!
The Confident Advantage Blueprint!
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If you like living in fear and self-doubt, absoutely adore your closet full of nothing to wear, and are happy with mediocrity, then you go girl and I wish you the best.
The rest of you....keep reading! ;-)
The Doctor is In!

Hi There!  I’m Dr. Carol Parker Walsh and I’m an internationally recognized, award-winning business owner, brand ambassador, best-selling author, regular TV contributor, former practicing attorney and over-educated wife and mother of two fabulous kiddos and very clingy goldendoodle.

But for brevity’s sake, I prefer Confidence Image Coach, visual branding goddess, NLP sensei and Licensed Fashion Feng Shui® master.  ;)

And what I do best is help women on the brink {or at the threshold} of change – professionals, entrepreneurs, and women of influence – move to the next level of success by taking hold of their authentic essence, confidence and appearance.

​I bring over 25 years experience as an organizational development, image and business consultant to empower you to get what you want and go from ordinary to extraordinary!

I think it's also important for you know that.....
- I have a PhD in human development and organizational systems
- I have a JD in labor and employment law
​- I have 2 Masters (org behavior & human development)
- I have a BA in communication
- I'm also a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Image & Corporate Consultant, one of 9 Fashion Feng Shui® Masters in the world, and have two #1 Amazon Best Sellers.


Working with Carol changed not only me, but my business!
Twila Kaye, Creator of the Millionaire Map™
"I lacked clarity and was ready to give up but I heard Carol speak about the power of your appearance and decided to see if there was a connection. Well, it absolutely was! I not only have a renewed confidence, I have a closet filled with clothes that fit who I am. And, after just two sessions I closed a big contract and picked up two new VIP clients! People ask was it worth it and I always say, ‘I would have paid her $10,000 for what the process did for me!’”
Your process helped me to restore my confidence. I feel reborn!
Lane' Bigsby, Owner
Something Borrowed
"Carol Parker Walsh helped transform my professional image into something that reflected ‘me.’ In the process, I had huge ‘aha’ moments as I realized the root of much of my self confidence, self esteem, and image issues and how it was impacting my life and business. Thank you, Carol! your process helped me to restore my confidence and I feel comfortable owning my significance. I feel reborn!"
I have people coming to me asking to work with me!
Kathy Kidd, CEO
Kidd Marketing
"I feel amazing. I had no idea how bad it was or how bad I actually felt. Now I’m excited about going out and showing up! I’ve received so many compliments and people actually thought I’d lost weight! I have people coming to me asking to work with me and my business has tripled and I’ve hit a 6-figure year already! The system works! Thank you!!"
Whenever I put on my clothes now, I instantly feel like the best version of myself.
Meghan Hamilton, CEO
GlamBeauty Bar & Hadley Beauty Company
I had such a phenomenal experience.I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I needed to look professional, authoritative, fun and GORGEOUS for my website & the launch of my expanding company. I was feeling really unclear about how I could portray my vision through my clothing. Thank goodness for Carol! Whenever I put on the clothes now, I instantly feel like the best version of myself. I cannot stress enough how worthwhile, fun and important my experience was.
This program is packed ​with proven strategies, tactics and resources to help you elevate your image and manage your professional presence.
Module 1: Imagine having Wonder Woman or Beyonce level self-confidence and having the tools to silence your wicked inner mean girl. 
Module 2: Imagine attracting your ideal clients, speaking their language before even saying a word, and having a signature style that represents the real you and no more feeling like an "imposter."
Module 3: Imagine aligning your business and your signature style into a well executed personal brand. Image is an on-going process and you'll learn how to create and manage your brand.
*There's no other program out there like The Confident Advantage Blueprint. We combine proven confident building techniques with a unique proprietary system that will teach you how to leverage your wardrobe to achieve your dreams. 
Say What?! Where Do I Sign!
...and here's why
The "Deep Thought" Program

While you'll do some deep thinking in this program, it's not just about "positive thinking and meditation techniques." These things are great tools but are not enough to bring a significant shift in your confidence.
The "Stylist" Program

Yes, we'll talk about what you wear but it's absolutely not what you think. These programs talks about how to clean out your closet, the "must haves" in your wardrobe, and going shopping, but they do it in a vacuum. What you should wear emerges out of who you are and what you need to build confidence + ensure authenticity and alignment with your brand. 
The "Warrior" Program

These programs focus on confidence building skills and techniques, but leaves out how to leverage your appearance, presence and wardrobe  in increasing and sustaining a confident image. You can't have one without the other and you'll get that in this program.
Say Hello To....

A program for fempreneurs ready to take their life & business up a notch. Is that you?

The Confident Advantage Blueprint is the secret sauce so many successful business owners know and use to break the ceiling of their self-imposed limits, and I'm bringing it to you! 

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